Wednesday, 31 August 2016

8 Signs That Prove You And Your Friends Share Asli Yaari

Remember the times when you and your gang of friends fought over the silliest of things and hurled endless jibes of sarcasm at each other? The people who witnessed your fights could never decipher that beneath the merciless leg-pulling was an asli-yaari which would survive the test of distance and time! Although college is long over, the '3 am shrink sessions' with your pals still continue. They are your voice of experience whenever you are in trouble or confusion. The sackful of memories that you and your buds have created is enough for your conversations to last a lifetime. You chose these friends because they never urged you to become like them and instead accepted you for what you are. To stir up the nostalgic memories, here's a list of things which prove that your friendship is for keeps!........!!!!!!!! (Read More)

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