Monday, 12 September 2016

iPhone7, Apple watch, IOS 10: what to expect at Apple Event?

iPhone7, Apple watch, IOS 10: what to expect at Apple Event?: The annual breath-holding that precedes the months before a big Apple launch is nearly over. The iPhone 7 is only a few hours away from becoming official, and rumours have been circulating thick and

Jio apps pip WhatsApp, Facebook on Google Play

Jio apps pip WhatsApp, Facebook on Google Play: After taking the competition in India’s telecom space to a new level when Reliance Jio offered voice calls for free forever and cut down data costs, Jio apps have now beaten mobile messaging service

MIT scientists use terahertz waves to read closed books

MIT scientists use terahertz waves to read closed books: Scientists, including one of Indian origin, have developed a new technology that can read the pages of a closed book, an advance that may help archaeologists look into antique books without touching

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Don't throw old computer, smartphones –You can extract gold from them

At times your house might seem like a junk if you have old computer, Television set or smartphone lying inside your store room.

You would just want to throw them to get rid of the junk. But hold on. You can actually extract gold from old smartphone, computer  or TV set .

Yes! It might appear unbelievable at first. But if you try these steps, you can actually extract gold from the unused electronics.

Gold is required while creating circuit board of electronic devices. The same gold can be recovered from these circuits by using chemicals. The gold can be derived from the e-waste.

This is how you can extract gold from old computer, TV and smartphones...(Read More)

Has somebody blocked you on WhatsApp? Know how to unblock yourself

Has somebody blocked you on WhatsApp? If you have been blocked you won't be able to connect to that person but you can always unblock yourself for that particular WhatsApp contact.

However, you will have to keep in mind that you can not back up anything if you are following this process. If you want to back up data, then you will not be allowed to unblock yourself.

Know how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp..(Read More)

We evolved 3 times faster post dinosaur extinction

According to a new study, our ancestors evolved three times faster in the 10 million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs than in the previous 80 million years.

The UCL researchers found the speed of evolution of placental mammals, a group that today includes nearly 5000 species including humans, was constant before the extinction event but exploded after, resulting in the varied groups of mammals we see today....(Read More)

Earliest evidence of human cancer found in 1.7 million-year-old bone - Watch!

This discovery really shuts down the medical theories that shows cancer as a modern man-made disease. Recently, a group of paleontologists discovered a cancer tumor in 1.7 million-year-old human foot bone.
According to the researchers from the University of Witwatersrand's Evolutionary Studies Institute and the South African Center for Excellence in Paleosciences, this is most ancient evidence for deadly cancer and bony tumors. The discovery was made at the site of Swartkrans that lies in fossil-rich area of South Africa. Researchers made use of 3D imaging to diagnose the fossilized foot bone that carries an aggressive cancer tumour called osteosarcoma belonging to a human relative who died in Swartkrans Cave between 1.6 and 1.8 million years ago.
The findings has just been published in South African journal of Science that highlights how industrialization and change in lifestyles triggered the incidence of cancer that are embedded deep within the evolution period of humans.

Source :- Zee Media Bureau

These documents are required for Reliance Jio SIM

New Delhi: Taking the current price war and competition in India's telecom space to a new level, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani recently announced Reliance Jio 4G services.

Domestic phone calls from the Jio network will be free forever, while there is a four-month introductory offer for everyone of a zero-tariff voice and data services

If you want to get a Reliance Jio 4G SIM you will have to carry these documents.....(Read More)

Facebook, WhatsApp is most popular apps in India....!!!!!

New Delhi: Social networking giant Facebook and mobile messaging service WhatsApp have retained their positions as the 'most popular applications' among Indians this year, says a new report.

Besides, Truecaller and UC Browser also figure among the top-five most popular mobile applications among Indians, as per the study conducted by WhichApp, a mobile app that helps users discover new applications that their friends use.

WhichApp, which said that more than 20 thousand apps have been discovered and downloaded via its platform, also named MX Player, Flipkart, Candy Crush, Applock and as other popular apps among Indians...(Read More)

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

ಜಿಯೋದ ಮಾರುಕಟ್ಟೆ ತಂತ್ರವೇನು? ಗ್ರಾಹಕನಿಗೆ ಲಾಭವಾಗುತ್ತಾ?

ಜಿಯೋ ಸೇವೆ ಆರಂಭಗೊಂಡ ಬಳಿಕ ಈಗ ಪರ, ವಿರೋಧ ಮಾತುಗಳು ಕೇಳಿ ಬಂದಿದೆ. ಕೆಲವರು ಜಿಯೋದಿಂದ ಜನರಿಗೆ ಏನು ಲಾಭ ಇಲ್ಲ ಈಗ ಇರುವುದಕ್ಕಿಂತಲೂ ಜಾಸ್ತಿ ಹಣವನ್ನು ಪಾವತಿ ಮಾಡಬೇಕು ಎಂದು ಹೇಳಿದರೆ ಕೆಲವರು ಈ ಸೇವೆಯಿಂದ ಲಾಭವಿದೆ ಎಂದು ಹೇಳುತ್ತಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಈ ಹಿನ್ನೆಲೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಜಿಯೋಕ್ಕೆ ಸಂಬಂಧಿಸಿದಂತೆ ನಿಮ್ಮಲ್ಲಿ ಮೂಡಬಹುದಾದ ಕೆಲ ಪ್ರಶ್ನೆಗಳಿಗೆ ಉತ್ತರ ನೀಡಲು ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಮಾಹಿತಿಗಳನ್ನು ನೀಡಲಾಗಿದೆ......(ಇನ್ನು ಓಧಿ)

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

ನಿಮಗೆ ಗೊತ್ತಿರದ ರಿಲಾಯನ್ಸ್ ಜಿಯೋ ಸಿಮ್‌ನ ಸೇವೆಗಳು

            ರಿಲಾಯನ್ಸ್ ಜಿಯೋ ಸಿಮ್‌ನ ಸೇವೆಗಳು ಸಾರ್ವಜನಿಕರಿಗೆ ಸಪ್ಟೆಂಬರ್ 5 ರಿಂದ ದೊರೆತಿದ್ದು ಮುಕೇಶ್ ಅಂಬಾನಿ ಈ ನಿರ್ಧಾರವನ್ನು ಖಾತ್ರಿಪಡಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಟ್ರಯಲ್ ಫೇಸ್‌ನಲ್ಲಿ ರಿಲಾಯನ್ಸ್ ಜಿಯೋ ಈ ಮೊದಲು ಸೀಮಿತ ಬಳಕೆದಾರರಿಗೆ ಮಾತ್ರ ಲಭ್ಯವಾಗುತ್ತಿತ್ತು, ಇದರಲ್ಲಿ ಬಳಕೆದಾರರಿಗೆ 90 ದಿನಗಳ ಉಚಿತ ಸೇವೆಗಳನ್ನು ಒದಗಿಸಲಾಗಿತ್ತು. ಆದರೀಗ, ಟ್ರಯಲ್ ಮಾದರಿಯನ್ನು 'ವೆಲ್‌ಕಮ್ ಆಫರ್' ಎಂಬುದಾಗಿ ಕರೆದಿದ್ದು ಡಿಸೆಂಬರ್ 31 ರವರೆಗೆ ಜಿಯೋನ ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಸೇವೆಗಳು ಉಚಿತವಾಗಿ ಬಳಕೆದಾರರಿಗೆ ಲಭ್ಯವಾಗಲಿದೆ.
             ಕಂಪೆನಿಯ ಮೀಟಿಂಗ್‌ನಲ್ಲಿ ಅಂಬಾನಿಯವರು ಕೆಲವೊಂದು ಆಕರ್ಷಕ ಜಿಯೋ ಪ್ಲಾನ್‌ಗಳನ್ನು ಘೋಷಿಸಿದ್ದು ಇದರಲ್ಲಿ ಹೆಚ್ಚಿನವು ಬಳಕೆದಾರರಿಗೆ ಬಂಪರ್ ಆಫರ್ ಎಂದೆನಿಸಲಿದೆ. ಟಾರಿಫ್ ಯೋಜನೆಗಳು ಪ್ರಿಪೈಡ್ ಮತ್ತು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಪೇಡ್ ಇದೇ ಸಮಯದಲ್ಲಿ ಅನಾವರಣಗೊಳಿಸಲಾಗಿದೆ. ಇಂದಿನಿಂದ ಬಳಕೆದಾರರಿಗೆ ಯಾವೆಲ್ಲಾ ಸೇವೆಗಳನ್ನು ನೀಡಲಾಗುತ್ತಿದೆ ಎಂಬುದನ್ನು ಈ ಕೆಳಗಿನ ಅಂಶಗಳ ಮೂಲಕ ತಿಳಿದುಕೊಳ್ಳೋಣ....(ಇನ್ನು ಓದಿ..)

ಅವಳು ಅವನನ್ನು ವಿಪರೀತ ಪ್ರೀತಿಸುತಿದ್ದಳು...ಲವ್ ಲೆಟರನ್ನು ಇಟ್ಟಿದ್ದಳು!!! ಆದರೆ..?

ಅವನಿಗೆ ಕ್ಯಾನ್ಸರ್ ಅಂದರು ಡಾಕ್ಟರ್. ಹೆಚ್ಚೆಂದರೆ ಇನ್ನು ಒಂದು ತಿಂಗಳು ಮಾತ್ರ ಬದುಕಿರಬಹುದು ಎಂದರು. ಆತ ಸಿ.ಡಿ ಅಂಗಡಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಕೆಲಸವನ್ನು ಮಾಡುತಿದ್ದ ಅವಳನ್ನು ಬಹಳ ಪ್ರೀತಿಸುತಿದ್ದ. ಆದರೆ ಆಕೆಗೆ ತನ್ನ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯನ್ನು ಹೇಳಿರಲಿಲ್ಲ. ಆತ ಸಿ.ಡಿ ಅಂಗಡಿಗೆ ಹೋಗುತಿದ್ದ. ಅವಳೊಂದಿಗೆ ಮಾತಾಡಲೆಂದು ಸಿ.ಡಿಯನ್ನು ಖರೀದಿಸುತಿದ್ದ. .....(ಇನ್ನು ಓಧಿ..)

Thursday, 1 September 2016

ಕಟ್ಟಪ್ಪ ಬಾಹುಬಲಿ ಕೊಂದಿದ್ದಕ್ಕೆ 4 ಕಾರಣಗಳು?

         ಎಸ್ ಎಸ್ ರಾಜಮೌಳಿ ನಿರ್ದೇಶನದ ಬಾಹುಬಲಿ-2 ಚಿತ್ರದ ನಿರೀಕ್ಷೆಗಳು ದಿನಗಳದಂತೆ ಹೆಚ್ಚಾಗುತ್ತಿದ್ದು, ತನ್ನ ಮೇಕಿಂಗ್ ನಿಂದ ಗಮನ ಸೆಳೆಯುತ್ತಿದ್ದ ಈ ಚಿತ್ರ ಇದೀಗ ತನ್ನ ಕಥೆಯಿಂದಲೂ ಪ್ರೇಕ್ಷಕರನ್ನು ತುದಿಗಾಲಲ್ಲಿ ನಿಲ್ಲುವಂತೆ ಮಾಡಿದೆ.
      ಪ್ರೇಕ್ಷಕರ ಈ ಕುತೂಹಲವನ್ನು ನಿರ್ದೇಶಕ ಎಸ್ ಎಸ್ ರಾಜಮೌಳಿ ಮತ್ತಷ್ಚು ಹೆಚ್ಚಿಸಲು ನಿರ್ಧರಿಸಿದ್ದು, ಬಾಹುಬಲಿ-2 ಚಿತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ನಾಲ್ಕು ಕ್ಲೈಮ್ಯಾಕ್ಸ್ ಗಳನ್ನು ಇಡಲು ನಿರ್ಧರಿಸಿದ್ದಾರಂತೆ. ಈ  ಕುರಿತು ಈಗಾಗಲೇ ಫಿಲ್ಮ್ ನಗರದಲ್ಲಿ ಭಾರಿ ಚರ್ಚೆಗಳು ನಡೆಯುತ್ತಿದ್ದು, ಮೊದಲ ಚಿತ್ರದ ಅಂತಿಮ ಭಾಗದಲ್ಲಿ ರಾಜ ಅಮರೇಂದ್ರ ಬಾಹುಬಲಿ ತನ್ನ ಆಪ್ತ ಕಟ್ಟಪ್ಪನಿಂದಲೇ ಹತ್ಯೆಗೀಡಾಗುತ್ತಾನೆ.  ಆದರೆ ಕಟ್ಟಪ್ಪ ಬಾಹುಬಲಿಯನ್ನು ಏಕೆ ಕೊಂದ ಎಂಬ ಪ್ರಶ್ನೆಗೆ ಉತ್ತರ ಮಾತ್ರ ದೊರೆಯುವುದಿಲ್ಲ.....[ Read More]

ಸ್ನೇಹಿತರಿಲ್ಲದಿರುವುದು ಹೃದಯಕ್ಕೆ ಧೂಮಪಾನದಷ್ಟೇ ಹಾನಿಕರ!

ಹಾರ್ವರ್ಡ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ ನಡೆದಿರುವ ಸಂಶೋಧನೆ ಸ್ನೇಹಿತರಿಲ್ಲದಿರುವುದು ಧುಪಮಾನದಷ್ಟೇ ಹಾನಿಕರ ಎಂಬುದನ್ನು ಬಹಿರಂಗಪಡಿಸಿದೆ.
ಸಾಮಾಜಿಕವಾಗಿ ಒಂಟಿಯಾಗಿರುವುದಕ್ಕೂ ಹೃದಯಾಘಾತ ಸಂಭವಿಸುವುದಕ್ಕೆ ಕಾರಣವಾಗಿರುವ ರಕ್ತ ಹೆಪ್ಪುಗಟ್ಟುವಿಕೆಯ ಪ್ರೋಟೀನ್ ಮಟ್ಟಕ್ಕೂ ಸಂಬಂಧವಿದೆ ಎಂಬುದು ಸಂಶೋಧನೆಯ ಮೂಲಕ ತಿಳಿದುಬಂದಿದೆ. ಏಕಾಂಗಿತನ ವ್ಯಕ್ತಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಒತ್ತಡವನ್ನುಂಟು ಮಾಡುತ್ತದೆ. ಇದರಿಂದಾಗಿ ರಕ್ತ ಹೆಪ್ಪುಗಟ್ಟುವಿಗೆ ಹೆಚ್ಚಿನ ಸಾಧ್ಯತೆ ಇದ್ದು, ಧುಮಾಪನದಷ್ಟೇ ಏಕಾಂಗಿತನವೂ ಅಪಾಯಕಾರಿ ಎಂದು ಸಂಶೋಧನೆ ತಿಳಿಸಿದೆ. ...[ Read More ]

ಆಕೆ ರಾಧೆಯಾದಳು, ನಾನು ಕೃಷ್ಣನಾಗಿ ಉಳಿಯಲಿಲ್ಲ!

ಯಾವುದಾದರೂ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಜೋಡಿಯ ಅನನ್ಯತೆ ನೋಡಿದರೆ ಕೃಷ್ಣ ರಾಧೆಯ ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಅವರದ್ದು ಎನ್ನುತ್ತೇವೆ. ಕಾಯುವುದರಲ್ಲಿ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಉತ್ಕೃಷ್ಟತೆಯನ್ನು ಜಗತ್ತಿಗೆ ಸಾರಿದ ಮಹಾನ್‌ ಪ್ರೇಮಿ ರಾಧೆ. ಕೃಷ್ಣ ಮರಳಿ ಗೋಕುಲಕ್ಕೆ ಬರುವುದಿಲ್ಲ ಎಂಬುದೂ ಗೊತ್ತಿದ್ದೂ ಅವನ ಬರುವಿಕೆಯಲ್ಲಿ, ಅವನ ಕೊಟ್ಟು ಹೋದ ಕೊಳಲಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಕೃಷ್ಣನನ್ನು ಕಾಣುತ್ತಾ, ಆತನನ್ನೇ ಆರಾಧಿಸುತ್ತಾ, ಧೇನಿಸುತ್ತಾ ತನ್ನ ಇಡೀ ಜೀವನವನ್ನು ಗೋಕುಲದಲ್ಲಿ ಕಳೆಯುವ ರಾಧೆಗೆ ಯಾರು ಸಾಟಿ? ಇತ್ತ ಕೃಷ್ಣನೋ.. ಆಕೆಯನ್ನು ಮರತೇ ಹೋದನಾ ಎಂಬ ಅನುಮಾನ ಕಾಡುವಷ್ಟು ವಿಮುಖನಾಗಿರುತ್ತಾನೆ ಎನ್ನುವ ಭಾವ. ಯಾರಿಗೆ ಗೊತ್ತು ಆತನೂ ರಾಧೆಯ ಧ್ಯಾನದಲ್ಲಿ ಇದ್ದಿರಬಹುದು. ಹೇಳಿ ಕೇಳಿ ಆತ ಪರಮಾತ್ಮ. ಲೋಕೋದ್ಧಾರದಲ್ಲಿ ರಾಧೆಯ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಬಿಂಬ ಕಂಡಿದ್ದರೂ ಕಂಡಿರಬಹುದು. ಆ ಕವಿಗೆ ಅದರ ಸುಳಿವು ಇದ್ದರೂ ಬಚ್ಚಿಟ್ಟರಬಹುದು! ಯಾಕೆಂದರೆ, ಅವರಿಬ್ಬರ ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಅಂಥ ಉತ್ಕೃಷ್ಟತೆಯ ಶಿಖರದ ತುದಿಯಲ್ಲಿರುವಂಥದ್ದು. ರಾಧೆಗೆ ತ್ಯಾಗವೇ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯಾದರೆ, ಕೃಷ್ಣನಿಗೆ ತಾನೇ ತಾನಾಗಿದ್ದ ಕೊಳಲಿನ ಸಂಗ ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಹೋದದ್ದು ಎಲ್ಲವೂ ತ್ಯಾಗದ ಮಹೋನ್ನತ ಮಾದರಿಯಲ್ಲವೇ? ಹಾಗಾದರೆ ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಎಂದರೆ ತ್ಯಾಗವೇ? ಇರಬಹುದು. ತ್ಯಾಗವೇ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯಾಗಿರಬಹುದು, ಕಾಯವುದೇ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಪರಮೋಚ್ಛ ಗುರಿಯಾಗಿರಬಹುದು. ಈ ಎಲ್ಲವೂ ಕೃಷ್ಣ ರಾಧೆಯರ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಕಡಲಲ್ಲಿ ದೊರೆಯುವ ಅನರ್ಘ್ಯ ರತ್ನಗಳೇ... ಕೃಷ್ಣಜನ್ಮಾನಷ್ಟಮಿಯ ದಿನ ನನ್ನ ರಾಧೆಯ ನೆನಪುಗಳ ಜೋಕಾಲಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಜೀಕುತ್ತಿರುವಾಗಲೇ; ಅವಳೇನೋ ರಾಧೆಯಾಗಿ ಉಳಿದಳು. ನಾನು ಕೃಷ್ಣನಾಗಿ ಉಳಿಯಲಿಲ್ಲ ಎಂಬ ಅಪರಾಧಿ ಭಾವ ಒತ್ತರಿಸಿ ಬಂತು.........[ಇನ್ನಷ್ಟು ಓಧಿ]

ನೀರನ್ನು ಯಾವಾಗ..? ಎಷ್ಟು..? ಹೇಗೆ ಕುಡಿಯಬೇಕು..?

ಸಾಮಾನ್ಯವಾಗಿ ಊಟ ಮಾಡುವಾಗ ನೀರು ಕುಡಿಯುವುದು ಎಲ್ಲರ ಪದ್ಧತಿ. ಸಂಶೋಧನೆಯ ಪ್ರಕಾರ ಊಟದ ಸಮಯದಲ್ಲಿ ನೀರು ಕುಡಿಯಬಾರದು. ಊಟದ ಸಮಯದಲ್ಲಿ ನೀರು ಕುಡಿದರೆ ನಮ್ಮ ಆರೋಗ್ಯದ ಮೇಲೆ ವ್ಯತಿರಿಕ್ತ ಪರಿಣಾಮ ಬೀರುತ್ತವೆ ಎನ್ನುವುದು ಸಂಶೋಧನೆಯಿಂದ ತಿಳಿದ ಸಂಗತಿ. ಹೀಗಾಗಿ ಊಟದ ಸಮಯದಲ್ಲಿ ನೀರನ್ನು ಕುಡಿದರೆ ನಮ್ಮ ದೇಹದ ಮೇಲಾಗುವ ದುಷ್ಪರಿಣಾಮಗಳನ್ನು ತಿಳಿದುಕೊಳ್ಳೋಣ.
* ಬಾಯಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಉತ್ಪನ್ನವಾಗುವ ಲಾಲಾರಸವು ಆಹಾರದ ಜೀರ್ಣಕ್ರಿಯೆಗೆ ಸಹಾಯಕ. ಇದರಲ್ಲಿ ಆಹಾರವನ್ನು ವಿಘಟಿಸುವ ಕಿಣ್ವಗಳಿರುತ್ತವೆ. ಊಟದ ಸಮಯದಲ್ಲಿ ನೀರನ್ನು ಕುಡಿದಾಗ ಲಾಲಾರಸ ಕರಗಿಹೋಗುವುದಲ್ಲದೆ ಆಹಾರದ ವಿಘಟನೆಗೆ ತೊಂದರೆಯುಂಟಾಗಿ ಜೀರ್ಣಕ್ರಿಯೆ ಕಷ್ಟವಾಗುತ್ತದೆ.
* ಜೀರ್ಣಕ್ರಿಯೆಗೆ ಬಾಧೆ-ನಮ್ಮ ಜಠರದಲ್ಲಿ ಇರುವ ಈ ಆಮ್ಲ ಜೀರ್ಣಕ್ರಿಯೆಗೆ ಸಹಾಯಕ. ಜತೆಗೆ ನಾವು ಸೇವಿಸಿದ ಆಹಾರದಲ್ಲಿ ದೇಹಕ್ಕೆ ಹಾನಿಕಾರಕವಾದ ಬ್ಯಾಕ್ಟೀರಿಯಾವನ್ನು ನಾಶಮಾಡುತ್ತವೆ. ಈ ಆಮ್ಲದಲ್ಲಿರುವ ಜೀರ್ಣಕಾರಿ ಕಿಣ್ವಗಳು ಸೇವಿಸಿದ ಆಹಾರ ಸರಿಯಾಗಿ ಜೀರ್ಣವಾಗಿ ಅದರಲ್ಲಿರುವ ಪೋಷಕಾಂಶಗಳನ್ನು ಹೀರಿಕೊಂಡು ನಮ್ಮ ಆರೋಗ್ಯವರ್ಧಿಸಲು ಸಹಾಯ ಮಾಡುತ್ತವೆ. ಊಟದ ಸಮಯದಲ್ಲಿ ಹೆಚ್ಚು ನೀರು ಸೇವಿಸಿದರೆ ಜೀರ್ಣಕ್ರಿಯೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಏರುಪೇರಾಗಿ ಕರುಳಿನ ಗೋಡೆಗೂ ಹಾನಿಕರ. ಜೀರ್ಣಕ್ರಿಯೆ ನಿಧಾನವಾಗಿ ಸಾಗುವುದು. ಸಣ್ಣ ಕರುಳಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಪೋಷಕಾಂಶ ಹೀರಿಕೊಳ್ಳುವ ಪ್ರಕ್ರಿಯೆ ಕುಂಠಿತಗೊಳ್ಳುವುದು.
* ದೇಹದಲ್ಲಿ ಇನ್ಸುಲಿನ್ ಪ್ರಮಾಣ ಹೆಚ್ಚಾಗುವ ಸಾಧ್ಯತೆಗಳಿವೆ. ಆಹಾರದ ಸೇವನೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಕುಡಿಯುವ ನೀರು ಆಹಾರದಲ್ಲಿನ ಗ್ಲೈಕಮಿಕ್, ಇನ್ಸುಲಿನ್ ಪ್ರಮಾಣ ಹೆಚ್ಚಿಸುವುದು. ಜೀರ್ಣಕ್ರಿಯೆ ನಿಧಾನವಾದಾಗ ಆಹಾರ ಕೊಬ್ಬಾಗಿ ಪರಿವರ್ತನೆಗೊಳ್ಳುವುದು. ಇದರಿಂದ ರಕ್ತದಲ್ಲಿ ಇನ್ಸುಲಿನ್ ಪ್ರಮಾಣ ಹೆಚ್ಚಾಗುವ ಸಾಧ್ಯತೆಯಿರುತ್ತದೆ.
* ದೇಹದ ತೂಕ ಹೆಚ್ಚಾಗುವುದು. ಸ್ಥೂಲಕಾಯಿಗಳಾಗುವ ಸಾಧ್ಯತೆ ಇರುತ್ತದೆ. ಊಟದ ಸಮಯದಲ್ಲಿ ನೀರು ಕುಡಿದಾಗ ನೀರು ಗ್ಯಾಸ್ಟ್ರಿಕ್ ದ್ರವಗಳನ್ನು ಕರಗಿಸುತ್ತದೆ. ಈ ಮಿಶ್ರಣ ಗಡುಸು ಜತೆಗೆ ಜಠರದಲ್ಲಿ ಕಿಣ್ವಗಳ ಉತ್ಪತ್ತಿಯನ್ನು ಕುಂಠಿತವಾಗಿಸುತ್ತದೆ. ಇದರಿಂದ ಜೀರ್ಣಕ್ರಿಯೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ತೊಂದರೆಯುಂಟಾಗಿ ಎದೆಯುರಿ, ಆಸಿಡಿಟಿ ಸಮಸ್ಯೆ ಎದುರಾಗುತ್ತದೆ.....(ಇನ್ನಷ್ಟು ಓಧಿ)..... 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

ಮೊನಾಲಿಸಾಳ ಚೆಲುವನ್ನು ಮೀರಿಸುವ ಸೌಂದರ್ಯ ಶಿವನದ್ದು!

ಜಗತ್ತಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಮೊನಾಲಿಸಾಳ ಚೆಲುವನ್ನು ಮೀರಿಸುವ ಮತ್ತೊಂದು ಚೆಲುವು ಇಲ್ಲ ಅಂತಲೇ ನಂಬಲಾಗಿತ್ತು. ಆದರೆ ಇದೀಗ ಮುಂಬೈನ ಭೌತಶಾಸ್ತ್ರಜ್ಞರು ಮೊನಾಲಿಸಾಳ ಚೆಲುವನ್ನು ಮೀರಿಸುವ ಸೌಂದರ್ಯದ ಚಿಲುಮೆ ಶಿವನದ್ದು ಎಂದು ಅಭಿಪ್ರಾಯ ಮಂಡಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ.
ಇಟಲಿ ಖ್ಯಾತ ಕಲಾವಿದ ಲಿಯೊನಾರ್ಡೊ ಡಾವಿನ್ಸಿ ಕುಂಚದಲ್ಲಿ ಅರಳಿದ ಮೊನಾಲಿಸಾಳ ನಗುಮೊಗವನ್ನೇ ಇದುವರೆಗೂ ಪ್ರಪಂಚದಲ್ಲಿ ಸೌಂದರ್ಯದ ಪರಾಕಾಷ್ಠೆ ಎಂದು ನಂಬಲಾಗಿದೆ. ಆದರೆ ಬಿಹಾರದ ಭೋಜ್ ಪುರದಲ್ಲಿರುವ ಜಾನಪದ ಶೈಲಿಯ ಪುರಾತನ ಶಿವನ ಕಲಾಕೃತಿ ಮೊನಾಲಿಸಾಳ ಚೆಲುವನ್ನು ಮೀರಿಸಿದೆ ಎಂದು ಹೋಮಿ ಬಾಬಾ ವಿಜ್ಞಾನ ಶಿಕ್ಷಣ ಕೇಂದ್ರದ ಭೌತಶಾಸ್ತ್ರಜ್ಞರಾದ ವಿಜಯ್ ಸಿಂಗ್ ಹಾಗೂ ಪ್ರವೀಣ್ ಪಾಠಕ್ ಅವರು ತಮ್ಮ ಅಧ್ಯಯನದ ವರದಿಯನ್ನು ಯೂರೋಪಿಯನ್ ಜರ್ನಲ್ ಆಫ್ ಫಿಸಿಕ್ಸ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ ಪ್ರಕಟಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ......[Read More]

ನಗುಮೊಗದ ಬುದ್ಧ ನಿಜಕ್ಕೂ ಅದೃಷ್ಟಶಾಲಿಯೇ..?

ಬೆಳಗಾಗಿ ಎದ್ದು ನರಿ ಮುಖ ನೋಡಿದರೆ ಒಳ್ಳೆಯದಾಗುತ್ತದೆ ಎಂಬ ನಂಬಿಕೆ ಭಾರತೀಯರಲ್ಲಿ ಅನಾದಿ ಕಾಲದಿಂದಲೂ ಇದೆ. ಇತ್ತೀಚಿನ ದಿನಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಈ ನಂಬಿಕೆ ದ್ವಿಗುಣಗೊಂಡಿದ್ದು, ಬಹುತೇಕ ಆಸ್ತಿಕರ ಮನೆಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಜೋಡಿ ನರಿಗಳ ಚಿತ್ರಪಟ ಬಾಗಿಲಿಗೆ ಎದುರಾಗಿ ರಾರಾಜಿಸುತ್ತಿರುತ್ತದೆ. ಇಂತಹುದೇ ಅನೇಕ ವಿಶಿಷ್ಟ, ವಿಚಿತ್ರ ನಂಬಿಕೆಗಳು ವಿಶ್ವದಾದ್ಯಂತ ಚಾಲ್ತಿಯಲ್ಲಿವೆ. ಈ ಪೈಕಿ ಇಡೀ ವಿಶ್ವದಲ್ಲೇ ಅತ್ಯಂತ ಜನಪ್ರಿಯವಾಗಿರುವ ನಂಬಿಕೆ ನಗುಮೊಗದ ಬುದ್ಧನ ಪ್ರತಿಮೆ ಕುರಿತಾದದ್ದು. ನಗುಮೊಗದ ಬುದ್ಧ ಎಂದೇ ಪ್ರಸಿದ್ಧವಾಗಿರುವ ಬುದ್ಧನ ನಿಜ ನಾಮಧೇಯ ಬುದಾಯಿ. ಈತ ಚೀನೀಯರ ಜಾನಪದ ಕತೆಗಳ ನಾಯಕ ಎಂದು ಹೇಳಲಾಗಿದೆ. ಈ ಬುದಾಯಿ ಹೆಸರಿಗೂ ಸಂಸ್ಕøತ ಮೂಲದ ಬುದ್ಧನ ಹೆಸರಿಗೂ ಯಾವುದೇ ಸಂಬಂಧ ಇಲ್ಲದಿರುವುದು ವಿಶೇಷ.
ನಗುಮೊಗದ ಬುದ್ಧ ಚೀನೀಯರಲ್ಲಿ ಹೊಟಾಯಿ ಎಂದೇ ಜನಪ್ರಿಯವಾಗಿದ್ದಾನೆ. ಈತನ ಚಿತ್ರಪಟ ಅಥವಾ ಪ್ರತಿಮೆಯನ್ನು ಯಾವಾಗಲೂ ಮನೆಯ ಬಾಗಿಲಿಗೆ ಎದುರಾಗಿ ನೇತು ಹಾಕಲಾಗಿರುತ್ತದೆ. ಇದು ಸಂತೋಷ, ಅದೃಷ್ಟ ಹಾಗೂ ಸಂಪತ್ತಿಗೆ ಸಂಕೇತ ಎಂದು ನಂಬಲಾಗಿದೆ.......[ Read More]


Today I found out humans have a lot more than five senses.  It turns out, there are at least nine senses and most researchers think there are more like twenty-one or so. Just for reference, the commonly held definition of a “sense” is “any system that consists of a group of sensory cell types that respond to a specific physical phenomenon and that corresponds to a particular group of regions within the brain where the signals are received and interpreted.”
The commonly held human senses are as follows:-  (Continue)


    Standing at a foreboding 8,848 metres (or 29,029 feet) high, Mount Everest is recognised as the Earth’s highest mountain. While Everest isn’t generally considered to be the most difficult peak to climb (that honor probably belongs to either Annapurna in Nepal or K2 on the China/Pakistan border), it is the most famous and, as such, sees the most people attempting to scale it each year.  But can anyone just show up and start trekking up the mountain? In a word- no.
      The first thing you’ll need is to be over 16 on the Nepali side and over 18 on the Tibetan side.
         The second thing you’ll need if you want to climb Everest is money- a lot of it. The exact cost of climbing the mountain varies wildly depending on a number of factors including from which side of the mountain you want to start, how many people you’re attempting to climb with, and what you’re looking for in terms of support. (Continue Read)

8 Signs That Prove You And Your Friends Share Asli Yaari

Remember the times when you and your gang of friends fought over the silliest of things and hurled endless jibes of sarcasm at each other? The people who witnessed your fights could never decipher that beneath the merciless leg-pulling was an asli-yaari which would survive the test of distance and time! Although college is long over, the '3 am shrink sessions' with your pals still continue. They are your voice of experience whenever you are in trouble or confusion. The sackful of memories that you and your buds have created is enough for your conversations to last a lifetime. You chose these friends because they never urged you to become like them and instead accepted you for what you are. To stir up the nostalgic memories, here's a list of things which prove that your friendship is for keeps!........!!!!!!!! (Read More)

ಸೆಕ್ಸ್‌ ರಾಕೆಟ್‌: 100 ಕೋಟಿ ಸಂಪಾದಿಸಿದ ದಂಪತಿ ಸೆರೆ

ಬಹುದೊಡ್ಡ ಸೆಕ್ಸ್‌ ರಾಕೆಟ್‌ ಅನ್ನು ಭಗ್ನಗೊಳಿಸಿರುವ ದಿಲ್ಲಿ ಪೊಲೀಸರು, ಮಾನವ ಕಳ್ಳಸಾಗಣೆ ಜಾಲದಲ್ಲಿ ತೊಡಗಿದ್ದ ಮುಸ್ಲಿಂ ದಂಪತಿ ಸೇರಿದಂತೆ ಎಂಟು ಮಂದಿಯನ್ನು ಬಂಧಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ.
ಈ ಪಾತಕಿಗಳು ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಸೇರಿದಂತೆ ಹಲವು ರಾಜ್ಯಗಳಿಂದ ಅಪಹರಿಸಿದ್ದ 5 ಸಾವಿರಕ್ಕೂ ಹೆಚ್ಚು ಬಾಲಕಿಯರನ್ನು ವೇಶ್ಯಾವಾಟಿಕೆಗೆ ಮಾರಿ 100 ಕೋಟಿ ರೂ.ಗಳಿಗೂ ಹೆಚ್ಚು ಹಣ ಸಂಪಾದಿಸಿದ್ದರು.
ಹುಡುಗಿಯರ ಮಾರಾಟ ಜಾಲದ ಕಿಂಗ್‌ಪಿನ್‌ ದಿಲ್ಲಿಯ ಜಿ.ಬಿ. ರಸ್ತೆಯ ನಿವಾಸಿ ಸಾಯಿರಾ ಬೇಗಂ(45) ಹಾಗೂ ಆಕೆಯ ಪತಿ ಆಸ್ಫಾಕ್‌ ಹುಸೇನ್‌(50) ಮತ್ತು ಅವರ ಆರು ಮಂದಿ ಸಹಾಯಕರನ್ನು ಸೆರೆ ಹಿಡಿಯಲಾಗಿದೆ.
ಈ ಎಂಟು ಆರೋಪಿಗಳ ವಿರುದ್ಧ ಮಹಾರಾಷ್ಟ್ರ ಸಂಘಟಿತ ಅಪರಾಧ ನಿಗ್ರಹ ಕಾಯಿದೆ(ಮಕೋಕಾ)ಯಡಿ ಪ್ರಕರಣ ದಾಖಲಿಸಲಾಗಿದೆ.
1999ರಿಂದಲೂ ಮಾನವ ಕಳ್ಳಸಾಗಣೆ ಜಾಲದಲ್ಲಿ ತೊಡಗಿದ್ದ.....(ಮುಂದೆ ಓಧಿ)

ಸಿಂಪಲ್ ಟ್ರಿಕ್‍ನಿಂದ ಸ್ಪರ್ಧಿಗಳನ್ನ ಹಿಂದಿಕ್ಕಿದ ಸೈಕಲ್ ರೇಸರ್! ವಿಡಿಯೋ ವೈರಲ್

ಪ್ಯಾರಿಸ್: ಯಾವುದೇ ಆಟದಲ್ಲಿ ಗೆಲ್ಲಬೇಕಾದ್ರೆ ಸಾಮಾಥ್ರ್ಯದ ಜೊತೆಗೆ ಅದೃಷ್ಟವೂ ಇರಬೇಕು. ಆದ್ರೆ ಇಲ್ಲೊಬ್ಬ ಸೈಕಲ್ ರೇಸರ್ ಸಿಂಪಲ್ ಟ್ರಿಕ್ ಬಳಸಿ ತಮ್ಮ ಮುಂದೆ ಹೋಗುತ್ತಿದ್ದ ಸ್ಪರ್ಧಿಗಳನ್ನ ಹಿಂದಿಕ್ಕಿ ಸೈಕಲ್ ರೇಸ್ ಗೆಲೋಕೆ ಪ್ರಯತ್ನಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ರೇಸಿಂಗ್ ಗೆಲ್ಲೋಕೆ ಮಾಡಿದ ಟ್ರಿಕ್ ಮಾತ್ರ ಸಾಮಾಜಿಕ ಜಾಲತಾಣಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಸಿಕ್ಕಾಪಟ್ಟೆ ವೈರಲ್ ಆಗಿದೆ.....

ಹೌದು. ಇದು ಟೂರ್ ಡಿ ಫ್ರಾನ್ಸ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ ನಡೆದ ಸಖತ್ ಸೈಕಲ್ ರೇಸಿಂಗ್ ಕಹಾನಿ.....(Continue Read)

ಬೆಳ್ಳಿಯಾದ ಕಂಚಿನ ಪದಕ..!

ದೆಹಲಿ:  ಲಂಡನ್ ಒಲಿಂಪಿಕ್ಸ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ ಭಾರತೀಯ ಕುಸ್ತಿಪಟು ಯೋಗೇಶ್ವರ್ ದತ್ ಪಡೆದಿದ್ದ ಕಂಚಿನ ಪದಕ ಬೆಳ್ಳಿ ಪದಕಕ್ಕೆ ಅಪ್ ಗ್ರೇಡ್ ಆಗಿದೆ. ಮಂಗಳವಾರ ಬೆಳಿಗ್ಗೆ ಟ್ವೀಟರ್ ಮೂಲಕ  ಮೂಲಕ ದೃಢಪಡಿಸಿದ ಯೋಗೇಶ್ವರ್ ದತ್ತಾ ಬೆಳ್ಳಿ ಪದಕ ಬಂದಿದ್ದಕ್ಕಾಗಿ ಹರ್ಷ ವ್ಯಕ್ತ ಪಡಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ.
 2012 ಒಂಲಿಪಿಂಕ್ಸ್ ಗೇಮ್ಸ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ 65 ಕೆಜಿ ಪುರುಷರ ವಿಭಾಗದಲ್ಲಿ  ಬೆಳ್ಳಿ ಪದಕ ವಿಜೇತ  ರಶಿಯಾ ಬೆಸಿಕ್ ಕುಡುಕೋವ್ ನೀಷಿಧಿತ.......(ಮುಂದೆ ಓಧಿ)

50 ಓವರ್, 16 ಸಿಕ್ಸ್, 43 ಬೌಂಡರಿ, 444 ರನ್ – ಇಂಗ್ಲೆಂಡ್ ವಿಶ್ವದಾಖಲೆ

ಟ್ರೆಂಟ್‍ಬ್ರಿಡ್ಜ್: 50 ಓವರ್, 300 ಬಾಲ್.. 16 ಸಿಕ್ಸರ್, 43 ಬೌಂಡರಿ, 26 ಎಕ್ಸ್‍ಟ್ರಾ ರನ್, ಓರ್ವ ಆಟಗಾರನ ಭರ್ಜರಿ 171 ರನ್. ಒಟ್ಟಾರೆ ಪಂದ್ಯದ ಎಲ್ಲಾ 50 ಓವರ್ ಮುಗಿದಾಗ 3 ವಿಕೆಟ್ ನಷ್ಟಕ್ಕೆ ವಿಶ್ವದಾಖಲೆಯ 444 ರನ್ ಇಂಗ್ಲೆಂಡ್ ತಂಡದ ಮುಡಿಗೆ…. ಈ ಮೂಲಕ ಏಕದಿನ ಕ್ರಿಕೆಟ್ ಇತಿಹಾಸದಲ್ಲಿ ಇಂಗ್ಲೆಂಡ್ ತಂಡ ದಾಖಲೆಯ ಮೊತ್ತವನ್ನು ಪೇರಿಸಿ ವಿಶ್ವದಾಖಲೆ ರಚಿಸಿದೆ. ಪಾಕಿಸ್ತಾನ ವಿರುದ್ಧ ನಡೆದ 3ನೇ ಏಕದಿನ ಪಂದ್ಯದಲ್ಲಿ ಇಂಗ್ಲೆಂಡ್ 50 ಓವರ್‍ಗಳಲ್ಲಿ 3 ವಿಕೆಟ್ ನಷ್ಟಕ್ಕೆ 444 ರನ್ ಗಳಿಸಿ ದಾಖಲೆ ಮಾಡಿದೆ. ಈ ಮೂಲಕ ಪಾಕಿಸ್ತಾನಕ್ಕೆ ಈ ಪಂದ್ಯ ಗೆಲ್ಲಲು 445 ರನ್‍ಗಳ ಟಾರ್ಗೆಟ್ ನೀಡಿದೆ.....(ಮುಂದೆ ಓಧಿ)

ಇಬ್ಬರ ಬದುಕು ಬದಲಿಸಿದ ಆ ಒ೦ದು ಪತ್ರ

ಅಜೆ೯೦ಟಲ್ಲಿ ಪಾಕೆಟ್ ಕತ್ತರಿಸುವವ, ಲೆಟರ್ ಇಟ್ಟು ದುಡ್ಡು ಮಾತ್ರ ಕದಿಯುವಷ್ಟು ವ್ಯವಧಾನ ಇಟ್ಟುಕೊ೦ಡಿರುತ್ತಾನಾ? ಅಷ್ಟು ಒಳ್ಳೆಯವನಾಗಿದ್ರೆ ಆತ ಕಳ್ಳತನಕ್ಕೆ ಯಾಕೆ ಇಳೀತಿದ್ದ. ಅಕಸ್ಮಾತ್ ಒ೦ದೊಮ್ಮೆ ಆತ ಬ೦ದು ಲೆಟರ್ ವಾಪಸ್ ಕೊಟ್ರೆ ನಾನು ದುಡ್ಡು ವಸೂಲಿ ಮಾಡದೇ ಬಿಡ್ತಿದ್ನಾ? ಅವ್ನನ್ನ ಇನ್ಯಾವ ಪರಿ ಹುರಿದು ಮುಕ್ಕುತ್ತಿದ್ವಿ ನಾನು, ಪೊಲೀಸ್ರು, ಜನ್ರು ಎಲ್ಲ ಸೇಕೊ೯೦ಡು! ಆಗ ನನಗೆ ಲೆಟರ್‍ಗಿ೦ತ ದುಡ್ಡು ಮುಖ್ಯ ಅನಿಸಿರುತ್ತಿತ್ತೇನೋ. ಕಳ್ಳನ ಬಗ್ಗೆಯೂ ಒಮ್ಮೆ ಯೋಚನೆ ಬ೦ತು. ಇನ್ನೆಲ್ಲಿಗೆ ನ್ಯಾಯ ಸಲ್ಲಿಸಲೆ೦ದು ಈ ಅನ್ಯಾಯಕ್ಕೆ ಇಳಿದಿರಬಹುದು ಆತ?.............(ಮುಂದೆ ಓಧಿ...)

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  • Girls are twice more talkative than boys.
  • Girls learn to talk and use sentence earlier and learn to read more rapidly than boys
  • Girls are better than boys at remembering faces.
  • Women take longer time to make decision than man does but once they make a decision they are more likely to stick to it.
  • Females have a slower breathing rate in comparison to males. (Read More)

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One of the worst cyclones in history, 1991 (Bangladesh)

PV Sindhu wins Silver and a billion hearts :- It's Selfie Time Shobha De

P V Sindhu’s match against Spain’s Carolina Marin at badminton women’s singes finals in Rio Olympics will go down in history as one of the most pulsating matches played ever. After putting a brilliant fight, the 21-year-old Indian lost 21-19, 12-21, 15-21 in a nerve wracking final.
It was a moment of pride for every Indian to watch the Tricolour being waved by ecstatic Indian spectators during an Olympics final.
        As the tall badminton player in canary yellow inched persistently towards Gold, the Indians watching at the Olympics arena and the billions watching on their televisions back home could not resist bursting into cheers.
       After a drought with not a single medal for the first several days, Sindhu’s silver medal (after wrestler Sakshi Malik’s bronze medal) comes as a huge relief, bringing back hope for Indian sports.

Sindhu’s coach Pullela Gopichand had full faith in her calibre. A few days back, even before she had reached the final, he had said about her game, “It was good but in my book she can do a notch higher. There’s, of course, some chances of improvement in a couple of areas.” His protégé has done complete justice to his conviction.
Before playing against Spain’s Carolina Marin, the 21-year-old Telugu girl had earlier spoken about how it was going to be a tough game since Carolina is left-handed. But determination is something that the ace shuttler does not lack in, and she fought like a true champion.

She had already created history by becoming the first Indian shuttler to reach the finals of the women’s singles competition at the Rio Olympics when she defeated Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara in straight games to assure India of at least a silver medal.
The proud coach.

Sindhu’s coach and former badminton champion Pullela Gopichand had struggled to get funds for his academy. At one point, Gopichand had even mortgaged his home to raise the funds to start the academy.

The academy currently trains about 120 students, while Gopichand, had predicted some months back that a Gold medal for Indian badminton is not too far off. Saina Nehwal, Srikanth Kidambi, Parupalli Kashyap, and Arundhati Pantawane are the other illustrious names from the academy.

The golden girl :-
            Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is the daughter of PV Ramana and P Vijaya, both national-level volleyball players. Her father was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2000. Sindhu’s older sister, Divya, was a national-level netball player before moving on to pursue medicine.
Sindhu began to make waves on the international circuit some seven years ago. In 2009, at age 13, she won Bronze at the sub-junior Asian Badminton Championships. In 2012, she won Gold in the same championships when she entered the semis of the China Open Masters after handing out a stunning defeat to the London 2012 Olympic Gold medallist, Li Xuerui.

In 2013, she won her first Grand Prix Gold title, the Malaysian Open, following it up with a second GP title at the Macau Open. She then won the Bronze at the BWF World Championships, becoming the first Indian woman to win a singles medal at the tournament. Sindhu received the second-highest sporting recognition, the Arjuna Award when she was just 18 years old.

The Olympian :-

         At Rio, she defeated World No 2 Wang Yihan of China to secure herself a berth at Rio. On Tuesday, she beat the Chinese girl again in the quarterfinals at Rio, to advance to the semis and deny badminton superpower China a two-medal finish at the Olympics for the first time since 1996.
After her win against No 6 seed, Japan's Nozomi Okuhara, the reigning All England Champion, to whom she had lost to in each of their three previous meetings, Sindhu assured India a Silver medal. But she did not rest on her laurels and put up a beautiful fight at the finals that all of us can be proud of.

And some quick facts
  •  Sindhu is the first Indian women to win a Silver medal at the Olympics.
  • She is the fifth woman player from India to win a medal at the Olympics. Karnam Malleshwari (2000, Sydney), MC Mary Kom (2012, London), Saina Nehwal (2012, London), and Sakshi Malik (Rio, 2016) are the other four Indian women to reach the podium at the Olympics.
  • She is the fourth Indian to win a silver at the Olympics. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (2004, Athens), Vijay Kumar (2012, London) and wrestler Sushil Kumar (2012, London) have achieved this feat before her.

 Thank you Sindhu, from all Indians!


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Rio Olympics: Wrestler Sakshi Malik wins India’s first medal - bronze in 58kg freestyle

RIO DE JANEIRO: Gritty woman wrestler Sakshi Malik ended India's painful wait for a medal at the Rio Olympic Games by clinching the bronze in the 58kg category, pulling off a sensational 8-5 victory over Aisuluu Tynybekova of Kyrgyzstan in the play-off bout, here.

Wish Sakshi Malik — India's first medal winner at Rio Olympics

The 23-year-old from Rohtak became only the fourth woman athlete from India to win an Olympic medal as she earned the dramatic win after falling behind 0-5 in the do-or-die bout on day 12.

Weightlifter Karnam Malleshwari (2000, Sydney), boxer MC Mary Kom (2012, London) and shuttler Saina Nehwal (2012, London) were the only other women athletes from India to have won a medal in Olympics.

Like in three of the four other bouts earlier in the day, Sakshi won the crucial bout after coming from behind. She, in fact, had lost 2-9 in the quarter-finals to Russia's Valeriia Koblova in the fifth bout of the day before getting a second chance in repechage when her conqueror reached the final.

Sakshi's victory brought cheers to the Indian contingent that had endured agonising 11 days without a medal.

Sakshi turned the tables on the Kyrgyzstan wrestler in the dying seconds of the bout as Tynybekova was in complete command in most part of the clash.

Tynybekova grabbed Sakshi's leg and quickly earned two points before adding one more for the Indian's passivity.

She repeated her move and successfully bagged two more points to lead 5-0 at the break.

Sakshi could open the scoring only in the second period and got two points after throwing her rival down and out of the mat. She then managed to earn two points again with a similar move to bring down the margin to 4-5.

Thereafter, it was no looking back for the Indian girl and she took the opponent down to level the scores 5-5. But she did not stop there and gained three more points by pinning down the Kyrgyzstan wrestler in the dying moments of the match.

She had earlier stormed into the bronze medal play-off round with a dominating performance in her repechage round, where she thrashed Purevdorjiin Orkhon of Mongolia 12-3. Both the wrestlers matched each other in the first period and the scores were 2-2 at the break.

But Sakshi gave a more aggressive account of herself in the second period, pinning down her opponent from time to time, besides flipping her over for crucial points.

Starting with a double-leg take down to earn two points, she added two more crucial points to her kitty to lead 6-3 with a minute left.

In the last one minute, she kept attacking and gained four more points. In fact, Sakshi earned as many as 10 points compared to just one by the Mongolian in the second period to seal off the issue in style.
As Sakshi had reached the quarterfinals, she needed to fight only one repechage round as compared to the other two opponents of the Russian girl, whom she had beaten in the earlier two rounds - pre-quarters and qualification.

Koblova had beaten Luisa Niemesch of Germany in the qualification round before defeating Mongolia's Orkhon in the pre-quarterfinals.

Therefore, in the first repechage round, these two grapplers from Germany and Mongolia faced each other. And the winner of that bout (Mongolian girl) then took on Sakshi in repechage round 2 for a place in the bronze medal play-off.

Sakshi had to get the better of the Mongolian grappler in the repechage round 2 and she did just that to advance to the bronze medal play off.

In the bronze play-off too Sakshi's winning move that got her two points initially was challenged by her Kyrgyztan rival and it was reviewed and she was awarded an extra point by the judges much to her rival's chagrin.

The other bronze was won by Marwa Amri of Tunisia.

Earlier in the day, Sakshi went down in the quarterfinals losing 2-9 to Koblova.
Having conceded one point in the first period of her quarterfinal fight because of passivity, Sakshi did well to earn two points in the second period after taking-down the Russian girl.

But Koblova, with enormous strength, hit back almost immediately to pocket four points and then gained another two to open up a 7-2 lead.

The Russian then closed the door on Sakshi by bagging another two points to win the bout and make the semifinals. In the first two rounds, Sakshi came back from behind to register impressive wins.
Making a strong comeback from a 0-4 down, Sakshi defeated Sweden's Malin Johanna Mattsson 5-4 in the qualification round She was down 0-4 after the first period but quickly made amends in the second period. Sakshi managed to pull two points back before pushing her rival out of the mat to grab another point.

With just 10 seconds remaining, Sakshi desperately needed one more point to post a win and she held her nerves as she took down the Swedish girl in those dying moments to post a narrow victory.

n the pre-quarters, she once again eked out a narrow 5-5 win over Mariana Cherdivara Esanu of Republic of Moldova In the opening period of the pre-quarterfinal bout, Sakshi got 30 seconds to earn points but she failed and that gave Cherdivara a point.
The girl from Moldova then put Sakshi down on the mat to gain another two points and lead 3-0 at the break.
In the second period, the Indian failed to take advantage of the 30 seconds she got and handed Cherdivara another point. Sakshi then came back strongly to post a double take down, which earned her four crucial points at one go and helped her surge ahead to a 5-3 lead.
Although Cherdivara, with her own take-down, gained two points to make the scores level at 5-5 with just 19 seconds left on the clock, the Indian was declared winner on bigger points gain.

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Most Attractive Face Shape ( Only For women's)

The definition of what seems attractive varies from person to person. Women have quite different opinions of what features determine their attractiveness and these opinions differ from those given by men about women. Certain people focus on the shape of the face, while others tend to concentrate on the body curves. The personality of a person also helps determining their attractiveness, but this article mainly focuses on the different physical features of women for finding out the most attractive face shape.

Different Types of Face Shape
Let us take a look at the common types of face shapes to find out the most attractive face shape.

  • Oval: Women with oval face shape have a face length which is 1 ½ times the size of its width. Their forehead is a little wider than their chin.
  • Round: If you have a round face shape, then you have chubby cheeks and your face’s width and length would be almost equal.
  • Square: Women with a square face shape have a very prominent jawline and a square shaped chin. Their jawline and forehead have a similar width.
  • Oblong (Rectangle): Oblong face shape is characterized by a slightly longer face length. Women with oblong face do not have very wide faces and their chin is pointy as well.
  • Heart (Triangle): If you have a heart shaped face, then your cheekbones and forehead will be wide. Your chin will be pointy and your jawline will be quite narrow too.
  • Diamond: Diamond face shape is best described by a narrow jawline and forehead with quite wide cheekbones.
  • Pear (Trapezoid): If you have a pear shaped face, then your jawline will be wider than your forehead and your chin will be quite broad too.

What Is the Most Attractive Face Shape?
Everyone has a different opinion of what is considered beautiful and the most attractive face shape, so nobody can generalize anybody’s viewpoint. However, certain face shapes are considered quite attractive and stunning due to the different fashion trends. Square and oblong face shapes are often considered quite beautiful and popular because they have a wide jawline which makes the distance between the eyes quite wide. This makes the eye quite prominent and also emphasizes the smile of the person. People with oblong and square face shapes have broad and beautiful smiles, which is why they have the most attractive face shape. In Asia, people admire the v-shaped or heart face because it makes one look slim.

 What the Research Says
 According to The Telegraph “Scientists have used e-fits to create portraits of the most beautiful man and woman in the world - and say David Gandy and Natalie Portman are the closest real life examples.”

         When discussing the beauty of women, most women stated that they found women with large eyes, high cheekbones, slim face and full lips extremely beautiful. Brunette women with brown eyes, oval face shape, arched eyebrows, small, slim nose, smooth and regular jawline with small distances between their upper lip and nose were considered to be incredibly gorgeous. Natalie Portman’s face fits the description criteria well, which is why she is considered as the most beautiful female celebrity.
         According to the survey, men with blue eyes, oval shaped face, medium-thick eyebrows, slim, straight nose that should not be too long, straight eyebrows with curved ends, square jawline, brunette hair and average lips are considered to be the most attractive. David Gandy’s face fits this description well and is considered as the most physically attractive male celebrity.
           On the contrary, according to women, a woman with raven hair, strong forehead and nose profile, narrow bone structure, strong eyebrows, sharp nose and delicate but slightly full lips is considered to be very beautiful and sexy.
             In men, a tapered, sharp face is considered to be feminine and a square shaped is considered to be masculine. In the earlier days, people found men with more masculine faces to be more attractive, but nowadays, men with sharp and feminine features are considered to be more appealing. For instance, Edward Cullen from Twilight and Legolas from the Lord of the Rings are considered to be very attractive by women. Therefore, women nowadays seek a balanced look in men instead of broad features. 

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What your sleeping position reveals about your personality

We've found a simple test which can reveal a lot about who you are. It's really straightforward. Examine the picture below and select the position which you think you sleep in most of the time.
  1. If you can't fall asleep without sticking your knees out whilst lying on your side, then you're a calm and reliable person. It's not easy to offend you, and you're not scared of the future. You smile even on the most miserable winter morning, and can adjust without problems to virtually any changes which occur in your life.
  2. If you mainly sleep in the fetal position, then you often feel the need to be protected, understood and sympathised with. By curling up in this way, you try to cut yourself off from the problems you face in the world around you. The perfect outlet for your talents and potential would be to paint pictures, learn to dance, or write a blog.
  3. If you sleep lying on your stomach with your arms and legs sticking out, then you are a leader. You are impulsive and take the initiative, and make sure there is order in both your personal and professional life. You most likely prefer to plan everything in advance and aren't a fan of surprises. You're ability to persevere and sense of responsibility help you to achieve great success.
  4. If you sleep lying on your back, then you are most likely a positive person who loves life, who is used to being at the centre of attention and loves good company. You work stubbornly and persistently, but in a rational way, preferring to always tell the truth. People who sleep in this position often have very strong personalities.
  5. If you sleep like a soldier at attention, lying on your back with your arms at your sides, then you're probably a well-adjusted person, who knows what their goals are in life and single-mindedly strives to achieve them. You can be strict, pedantic and demanding, but you demand most from yourself above all.
  6. If you sleep like a heron, with one leg raised, then chances are you have an unpredictable personality which is often drawn to all kinds of adventures, whilst your mood can change so fast it can be confusing for those around you. Very often, you find it difficult to be decisive and make a choice. On the whole in work and in life in general, you have a preference for stability, peace and quiet, and thoroughness.
And if you sleep in different poses rather than one, then that's a sign that you have a multifaceted personality which has hidden depths not even you yourself fully comprehend yet.

Shah Rukh Khan Wishes Happy Independence Day

Shah Rukh Khan is full of patriotic fervour all the way in America and posted an Instagram video to share his thoughts. And he has come with a novel way to celebrate freedom. He asked his three kids, Aryan, Suhana and AbRam, to share their own versions of the tricolour.
This is what SRK said in the video while displaying the interpretation of his children, “Hi everyone, this is Shah Rukh Khan. I am away from home but wishing everybody back home in India very very Happy Independence Day. May we have lots of freedom, lots of strength and may our country grow from strength to strength. I asked my three children to come up with their improvised version of the Tricolour for this video. And this is what each one of them did. Guess who did, which one. Happy Independence Day to all.”

Flowers, M&Ms and candles in the colours of the Indian flag — well, who indeed sent what?
Considering this is what Shah Rukh earlier said about his kids and wife Gauri, we can guess who sent what, “Parents become parents at one point and that changes it all. We have a badass 18-year-old, a dainty 16-year-old and then there’s the three-year-old little gangster. Our conversations, our life together is through the prism of our children. They’ve been our focal point and have literally kept our world intact,” he said.
Shah Rukh was earlier detained at the Los Angeles airport in the US. This was the third time the actor was held up in such a way.

5 Best Android Phones under Rs 10000

Looking for the best phone under 10000 Rs? Believe us, finding it is a real challenging task as there are many good smartphones under 10000 Rs. and this is the most competitive price range. In the recent times, we have seen some high quality, powerful and equally good smartphones from many companies in this range, which has made it even more difficult for the buyers to decide which one is the best. Don’t worry though, we are always here to help you out. We have written the latest list of – 5 Best Android Phones under 10000 Rs for the year of 2016.  read it and choose the best one for you.

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Dark Grey, 16GB) -   Rs. 9,999.00

  • 5.5 " (13.9 cm) full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and 401 ppi pixel density with Sunlight display, Reading mode and Night mode
  • 16MP f/2.0 primary camera with Dual ISPs, PDAF and a two tone flash; 5MP front camera with f/2.0 aperture
  • Android v5.1 OS with MiUi 7 and 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 hexa-core 64-bit processor with ARM Cotex-A72 lead cores, 2GB LPDDR3 Dual-channel RAM, 16GB eMMC5.0 internal memory (expandable up to 32GB) and dual SIM (4G+4G) (Micro + Nano(Hybrid))
  • 4050mAH high density lithium-polymer battery
  • Metal body with a premium finish, fingerprint sensor with chip-level security encryption and 0.3s unlock time
  • 5.5 " (13.9 cm) full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and 401 ppi pixel density with Sunlight display, Reading mode and Night mode
  • 16MP f/2.0 primary camera with Dual ISPs, PDAF and a two tone flash; 5MP front camera with f/2.0 aperture

  • Android v5.1 OS with MiUi 7 and 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 hexa-core 64-bit processor with ARM Cotex-A72 lead cores, 2GB LPDDR3 Dual-channel RAM, 16GB eMMC5.0 internal memory (expandable up to 128GB with microSD Card which uses SIM 2 slot) and dual SIM (4G+4G). Slots can be used either for SIM1+SIM2 or SIM1+Memory Card
  • 4050mAH high density lithium-polymer battery
  • Metal body with a premium finish, fingerprint sensor with chip-level security encryption and 0.3s unlock time
  • For More Details Click Below Link :-

2.Samsung On5 Pro- Rs. 8,690.00

  • 8MP primary camera with auto mode, beauty face, continuous shot, interval shot, panorama mode and 5MP front facing camera with palm gesture selfie and 120 degree selfie mode
  • 12.7 centimeters (5-inch) TFT capacitive touchscreen with 720 x 1280 pixels HD display
  • Andorid v6.0 Marshmallow operating system with 1.3GHz Exynos quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB and dual SIM (micro+micro) dual-standby (4G+4G)
  • 2600mAH lithium-ion battery
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase

  • For More Details Click Below Link :-

3.LeEco Le 1s Eco (Gold, 32 GB) Le X509- Rs. 9,999.00

LeEco Le 1s Eco Mobile Phone Information :- 

Technical Details

OSAndroid v5.0.2 (Lollipop)
Item Weight508 g
Product Dimensions17.2 x 9.3 x 6.5 cm
Item model numberX509
Special featuresBrand LeEco Handset Color Gold Form Bar SIM Size Micro SIM and Nano SIM Call Features Conference Call, Speed Dialing, Loudspeaker Model Name Le 1s Eco Touch Screen Yes SIM Type Dual Sim Model ID Le X509 In the Box Handset, USB Type-C Charging Cable, Charging Adapter, Sim Tray Eject Tool, Quick Start Guide, Video Recording Yes Secondary Camera Features F2.0 Aperture Flash Single LED Zoom Digital Zoom - 5x Rear Camera Yes, 13 MP Front Facing Camera Yes, 5 MP Primary Camera Features
Weight510 Grams
Battery Power Rating3000 milliamp_hours

  • For More Details Click Below Link :-

4.Lenovo K3 Note- Rs. 9,300.00 

  • 13MP primary camera with LED flash, auto focus, HDR, guidelines, face detection, auto beautification, aperture, HD recording and 5MP front facing camera
  • 5.5-inch (13.97 centimeters) IPS multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and 16M color support
  • Android v5 Lollipop operating system with 1.7GHz Cortex-A53 MediaTek MT6752 64-bit octa core processor, ARM Mali-T760 MP2 GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory expandable up to 32GB and dual micro SIM (GSM+GSM)
  • 2900mAH lithium-ion battery
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase

  • For More Details Click Below Link :-

5.Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL (White, 2GB, 16GB)

  • 13MP primary camera with auto focus, Dual Tone LED flash and 5MP front facing camera
  • 13.97 centimeters (5.5-inch) IPS capacitive touchscreen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution
  • Android v5 Lollipop operating system with 1.0GHz MSM8916 Qualcomm quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory expandable up to 64GB and dual micro SIM (LTE+WCDMA(3G))
  • 5000mAH lithium-polymer battery providing talk-time of 37 hours 36 minutes and standby time of 914 hours
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase
  • For More Details Click Below Link :-