Wednesday, 31 August 2016


    Standing at a foreboding 8,848 metres (or 29,029 feet) high, Mount Everest is recognised as the Earth’s highest mountain. While Everest isn’t generally considered to be the most difficult peak to climb (that honor probably belongs to either Annapurna in Nepal or K2 on the China/Pakistan border), it is the most famous and, as such, sees the most people attempting to scale it each year.  But can anyone just show up and start trekking up the mountain? In a word- no.
      The first thing you’ll need is to be over 16 on the Nepali side and over 18 on the Tibetan side.
         The second thing you’ll need if you want to climb Everest is money- a lot of it. The exact cost of climbing the mountain varies wildly depending on a number of factors including from which side of the mountain you want to start, how many people you’re attempting to climb with, and what you’re looking for in terms of support. (Continue Read)

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